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The Kosher Shop was created with a single purpose, to give access to every single person to kosher groceries without having to place a huge order and pay heavy shipping fees.
This is how The Kosher Shop was born:
no minimum order, reasonable shipping fees, and delivered to your door anywhere you live.
With next-day delivery in multiple countries, you can enjoy a complete kosher meal any day of the week!
At The Kosher Shop, you can also enjoy Judaica products, and much more!
Our mission is and will always be to serve the Jewish community in the best possible way.
We care about our traditions and we want to keep kosher to be easy wherever you are in the world.
All of our products have either kosher certification on the product or are approved by recognised Kashrut authorities around the world. However, we recommend you make sure that you are satisfied with the Kashrut before purchasing kosher products.